South Africa, a country which is known as The Rainbow Nation, is one of oldest country in African continent. In the past, South Afriaca is made up of four states. They are Transvaal, Natal, Orange Free State and Cape of Good Hope. In 1910, when South Africa unified, there was a debate between several states that wanted to become the capital and center of government. So, the government decides to divide power into 3 regions, in order to prevent the divisions.

Then in 1997, under ANC (African National Congress) party government, this case being realized.  By Nelson Mandela (president) the Constitution of South Africa was legalized. Chapter 4 of this constitution regulates the Capital of South Africa which is divided into 3 cities. They are Pretoria (administrative), Cape Town (legislative) and Bloemfontein (judicial). Whereas, one other city, Natal, was given compensation in the form of money to be equal. Besides, for business and economyc center, Johannesburg is the choice.

By having 3 capitals, South Africa is better able to focus its activities and not to confuse one interest with another. For example, Cape Town, Peretroria, and Bloemfontein, do not really play a role in the business field, although they still have responsibilities. This role has been mastered by Johannesburg very well. With wealth in minerals, such as platinum, gold, and diamonds, the South African stock exchange in Johannesburg grew more active until it finished at number 10 in the world.

In addition, as reported by the World Economyc Forum, Johannesburg also has a larger GDP than the countries of Kenya and Ethiopia. In general, South Africa has indeed been able to develop its country’s economy very well. However, on the other hand, there are still many internal conflict and criminal cases. The most difficult cases to be a challenge so far are HIV / AIDS, criminalization, Xenophobia and labor protest.

But the good news is, related to brexit. Britain’s exit from the European Union brought benefits to South Africa. Reporting from BBC, UK is a country that lacks negotiations technically, so countries in Africa, including South Africa can trade with the UK through rather soft requirements. The President of South Africa has also drawn up a roadmap to build a better economy.

written by : Sulistia Wargi

Editor : Langgeng Larasati

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