American pop star Taylor Swift will come to SouthEast Asia to continue the Eras Tour for Worldwide. It’s been 8 years since this “Shake it Off” singer came all the way down to SouthEast Asia for the 1989 World Tour. Taylor Swift has already successfully performed The Eras Tour in more than 6 countries with 74 shows and will be holding the tour for Singapore on 2-9 March 2024 with 3,5 hours each show and it will be the only Swift’s show for SouthEast Asia. But recently, the Prime Minister of Thailand leaked information about Singapore already paying Swift’s for $2.8 million USD per show to have the show only in Singapore. It’s clearly obvious that Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ is contested in SouthEast Asia. But why is that? and why is it only for Singapore?


Great Economy Impact

It is certain that every music concert from foreign stars is having a big impact on the economy of the country. Whether it’s from the tickets, taxes or even it’s can provide more employment opportunities which clearly can raise the GDP. Especially a big American pop star such as Taylor Swift. According  to US Travel Association data shows that Swift’s fans spend an average of $1,300 USD. Not only from the tickets, but also for the travel ticket, outfits, jewelry, merchandise which definitely has taxes in there. If you can imagine it, it’s definitely a very big impact for Singapore’s economy because there are no other countries in SouthEast Asia that will host The Eras Tour and  everyone will massively go to Singapore to watch the Show.


Not only that, Taylor Swift’s also has an excellent reading about the market where the Eras Tour is a first her post-pandemic massive concert after many of her songs that went viral at pandemic. So, it definitely will attract more fans of Swift’s and attract her fans so that money will come in for the country and the economy. But if that’s really great for the economy of a country then why don’t they have it in another country besides Singapore? 



It’s not wrong for Singapore to have all of the Eras Tour shows in SouthEast Asia. Because we need to admit that Singapore is the only country in SouthEast Asia that has high technology and high infrastructure. Including efficient ticket sales, a great community mobilization, and has an established ‘MICE’ industry with a good track record in having big events. So many factors such as a high tech venue, supportive policy that akin Singapore as a luxury brand. Not only giving a promise about smooth performances, a great time for the audience. But also for the artist who’s working on the tour. 


Also, the contract between artists, touring agents and local promoters is supportive and clean which makes the artist consider this as a great experience for the fans and for themselves. 




Diplomacy is not only between states but also between the states and non-state actors which is suitable for this case. What Singapore did is one form of Public Diplomacy where Singapore not only will get their national interest for the economy, but it’s also building the Branding for that ‘Lion Country’ to the foreign audience that may not know about Singapore. Not only that, this only Eras Tour Show in SouthEast Asia will make Singapore as the Center of ASEAN and may also bring tourists to other ASEAN countries. But there is also something that we should know that this diplomacy is by the consent of two sides which means that Taylor Swift’s also agreed to have a show only for Singapore in SouthEast Asia.




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By Rafli Alfaizi Hakim

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