Welcome to the FPCI Chapter UPN ‘Veteran’ Jakarta site!

Before we talking about FPCI Chapter UPNVJ, let’s we know about FPCI first. Foreign policy community of Indonesia or FPCI is a non profit and non political organization which run in international issue with mature and sensitive insight on bilateral and regional issue. FPCI was founded by Mr. Dino Pati Djalal who has background career as a diplomat and ambassador.

FPCI facilitate many students who has deep interested in international relation specifically on Indonesian foreign policy to develop their knowledge furthermore. Also can make an interaction with all actors who related with international relation field.

Therefore, FPCI Chapter UPNVJ was founded as a club in social and political science faculty in Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Jakarta.The main duties of FPCI Chapter UPNVJ is for provide knowledge about international relation issue for many students who have deep interested in that field.

The journey of making this community is not easy at all, there were many obstacles ahead for preventing of create FPCI Chapter UPNVJ. At the beginning  we consist only have 14 members and limited to explore our projects but, that’s not decrease our effort. We keep struggle to deal with obstacles and the result of our struggle is really satisfied.

Now FPCI chapter UPNVJ was get 20 new members with their great background, ability, and expert with their own field and that’s so unexpected result. Also on this periode, FPCI Chapter UPNVJ will bring new atmosphere because our theme  this periode is talking about “looking toward Africa”. Currently we have several projects such FGD (focus group discussion), submission paper, Indonesia partnership, and so many interesting projects that will run.

So, big wishes that this community can make more achievement and more existence especially in international relation field.